Writing & Editing


I co-founded the Forget the Box Media Collective and currently serve as both the Editor-in-Chief of and contributor to ForgetTheBox.net. I write both editorial commentary and news articles and interviews. You can see my latest posts on the site in the right sidebar of this page.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism from Concordia University.

While FTB (and now its sister site FTB Reviews) accounts for most of my published writing and editing work over the past decade, I have previously been published in the Montreal Mirror, Art Threat and other places. I have also done a considerable amount of commercial SEO copywriting and can be hired as a copy writer, editor and possibly as a journalist or editorialist as well.

Recently, I have started writing fiction…scripts in particular. I wrote the script for a short indie film called 80 Years of Winter for Silo Voice Studios and am currently writing the script for an episodic radio drama (already completed Season One’s ten episodes and am working on Season Two).

Feel free to hire me for writing assignments or drop me a line to find out about my projects:

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