Content Creation

Silo Voice Studios

Silo Voice Wrestling (February 2024-Present): A wrestling-focused (RAW, Smackdown, WWE PLEs) YouTube Channel featuring op-eds, predictions, and the occasional review. I write my scripts, host, and edit the videos.

The Outside World (2022): A 10-episode dystopian radio drama released as a podcast. I wrote the scripts, and co-wrote the story with two other people. I was also the voice actor for the first Narrator, Harlan, Agent Roscoe, and others. I am also one of the producers.

80 Years of Winter (2019): An indie short vampire comedy film set in Montreal during two different time periods. I wrote the screenplay, played Samuel, and was also the producer.

Forget The Box Studios

JC Sunshine’s Fireside Chat (2009-2010): I was the in-character host of this comedy talk show with somewhat dramatic throughlines for its three seasons (not all full episodes are currently online). I was also a co-writer and producer.